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Living Into Our Name

The word “Encourage” means “to give support, confidence and hope.” We feel this name beautifully illustrates why we do what we do as we seek to encourage each foster parent and child by helping them realize that they are a unique creation who carries immeasurable worth to our Creator. We are intentional with the message of providing encouragement so that every foster parent and youth is successful in the purpose to which God is calling them, and we take the time to help our foster parents determine the characteristics of kids that will best fit in their homes.

Our Mission

We exist to connect foster and foster-to-adopt families with strong support systems that will equip them with the physical, emotional and logistical help they need when opening their hearts and homes.

Next Steps

Wondering what it takes to become a foster or foster-to-adopt parent? Check it out!

If you’re not ready to be a foster family but want to support our ministry, there are other ways to be involved.

See right for ideas to help.

You Have Questions

Becoming a foster or foster-to-adopt parent is a huge decision. Visit our FAQ section to learn more.

Mentorship Program

Your friendship and time can make a world of difference to kids in foster care.

Respite Care & More

There are a host of other ways you can bless the families and children in the Encourage network.

What sets Encourage apart?

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