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What if you want to help but you don’t think being a full-time foster or foster-to-adopt parent is a good fit for you right now? Glad you asked! There are several ways you can still help make a difference as we seek to provide hope, healing, restoration and support to foster children and our foster and foster-to-adopt families.

To learn more about any of these opportunities or about our ministry in general, simply call us at 330.462.1118 or email Heather Huebner, Director of Operations & Recruitment at


Our mentorship program,A Friend in Fostering,” unites caring adult members of our community with youth in foster care who need encouragement and support through the various transitions in their lives.

Respite Care

Sometimes foster parents need extra support with their foster children. If they are traveling on vacation, have a family emergency, or maybe they just need an opportunity to get some rest and feel refreshed, respite families step in to lend a hand. Respite families are trained and licensed foster parents who can give other foster parents a break by caring for their foster children for just a day or up to two weeks.


Children often come into foster care in emergency situations and do not have enough clothing to meet their needs. It is such a great support to foster families when friends or church family come alongside and purchase or donate clothing for the new child or children in the home.


Foster parents often transport foster children to weekly supervised visits with the child’s biological family. Sometimes children have additional appointments such as therapies like counseling, occupational therapy,or physical therapy. It can be very helpful to have individuals who would dedicate a couple hours each week to help transport the child to appointments.


Adding a new child or children to a family brings extra demands to a foster parent’s schedule, such as enrolling the child in school, or taking the child to get physicals, as well as just emotionally supporting the child. Friends and church families can be a great support by bringing meals to the foster family especially at the beginning of a new placement.


The gift of your time can make a huge difference! Encourage welcomes volunteers to provide substitute care-giving during monthly trainings, assist with office administrative duties, and other tasks invaluable to the health and longevity of our ministry.

What Other Ways Can I Help?

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