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Why We Foster

Some of our wonderful foster parents share their "why" and explain their hearts to foster.

Mark & Alexia Wengerd

Mark & Alexia

Alexia shares, "My husband and I wanted to foster because it was an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with a child who may never otherwise get to experience this. Being a foster parent has allowed children to experience a loving environment while they are in our home.

Foster care does not have to be a last resort, it can be a first choice. Mark & I felt called to foster care as a first choice. As a follower of Jesus, we felt called to share the love of Jesus through caring for children in need and we do not regret it!


My husband and I are commonly told... “I don't know how you do that; I would get too attached”.


What we realized is that it’s okay to get attached, this is good for the child to see what a healthy and loving attachment looks like. It’s okay if our heart feels heavy when a child leaves our care, because we know that for the time the Lord blessed us with them, we were able to make a positive impact on their heart forever."


Brandon & Brenda Troyer

Brandon & Brenda

Brenda shares, "I have always had a heart for children and believe they are one of God’s most precious gifts. So, when I think of any child out there being hurt or neglected, it breaks my heart.

Fostering was just always something we’ve talked about doing so we were thrilled when God started opening doors for us to be a home to care for children however long or short that time is. If you feel God's call to foster, take the step of faith and say yes! He will meet you there every step of the way."


Marcus & Joannie Rouston

Marcus & Joannie

Joannie shares, "We've all been created on purpose and for a purpose. We have all been blessed with special gifts by God to fulfill His purpose for us on this earth.

Through a long series of trials that seemed to test every aspect of our lives, the one thing that wasn't negatively affected was our ability to parent our children. We questioned God so many times through those trials and it wasn't until our youngest biological son was nearing graduation that God moved our hearts to stand in the gap and show the vulnerable a safe place to heal through fostering.

The mission of our home has always been to be a soft place to land and a firm place to launch. Regardless of the individual or the circumstance, that has remained."


Kyle & Shannon Blough

Shannon shares, "Kyle and I both had a desire to foster and/or adopt from the time we started dating. God had put that desire and calling on our hearts as individuals, and it only grew as we got married and started our family. We decided to take the leap of faith and started our licensing process a year ago.

It has been the most incredible and challenging thing we have ever done. Our two biological children have not hesitated to love and welcome any of the little ones who have come through our doors. When we feel exhausted and overwhelmed, the Lord is right beside us to strengthen and help us. We have no doubt this is His will for our family to love and serve the foster community. 

We are so thankful for Encourage and all they have done to support us as foster parents."


If you have a heart to foster or want to know more, contact us at 330.462.1118 or Or fill out an inquiry form at and we will be in touch!


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