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What to Expect from Foster Parent Pre-Service Courses

Encourage offers foster parent pre-service courses training multiple times a year. This 24-hour required training is one of the first steps toward becoming licensed foster parents.

Our team makes this training practical and realistic with topics including:

  1. Child development and how it is affected by abuse, neglect, trauma and separation

  2. Relationship with the biological family

  3. Child welfare system/foster care system

  4. The rights of the child, biological family and foster parents

  5. Sensitivity training and expectations

  6. Transitioning cultures as you welcome a foster child into your home

You’ll learn skills and strategies from professional social workers who are also foster and adoptive parents. You’ll find compassion and encouragement that will help you choose your battles wisely as you care for children in foster care. From the first comfort meal you serve to the addition of Christmas stockings hung on your mantel, we are here to offer you encouragement all along the way.

Interested in learning more about our next foster parent prep course? Please contact Heather Huebner at or 330.462.1118.


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