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Welcoming Our New Executive Director and Director of Operations and Recruitment

"I am so excited to announce Jessie Berry as our new Director of Encourage Foster Care! Her passion for the children in foster care is manifested in both her professional and personal life." Kevin Hewitt, CCHO President & CEO announces. "I look forward to Jessie leading our Encourage staff, foster parents, and foster children with her quiet strength, wisdom, and grace.

Jessie Berry shares, "I am excited and blessed to take on the position of Director of Encourage. I look forward to finding ways to strengthen our program, provide quality support for our foster families and foster youth, and lead our team as they serve as the hands and feet of Christ. As a foster and adoptive parent myself, I understand the challenges foster parents face, and I am excited to work to help eliminate the barriers and empower our foster families."

Kevin Hewitt is also excited to announce Heather Huebner as our Encourage Director of Operations and Recruitment! "Already a passionate and energetic lover of all things Encourage, especially our amazing foster parents, I am looking forward to Heather improving processes and systems to make our Encourage Foster Care department run even more efficiently."

Heather Heubner shares, "I am blessed and honored to take the position of the Director of Operations and Recruitment. In this role, I will ensure that we are equipped to work effectively and efficiently to provide quality support and services to our foster families. I have been recruiting and walking alongside foster families for 7 years now. It continues to fill my heart when families say YES to providing a safe, loving, and stable home for the kiddos we serve!"

Heather continues, "I make it a priority to provide the utmost support and encouragement to our families. Without them we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission. Together we will make lasting impacts one day at a time, knowing that it will remain with them for a lifetime. Our team is dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable and willing to walk this journey with each and every one of our families."

Please join us in congratulating Jessie and Heather on their new positions!


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