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Loving in the in between

Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (CCHO), the parent organization of Encourage is celebrating 50 years of ministry this year! Throughout 2019, we will be sharing 50 Stories for 50 Years of Ministry to demonstrate the transformational work God has done through our family of ministries (CCHO, Encourage Foster Care and Encompass Christian Counseling).

In story 45, we will share the foster-to-forever journey of the Bostick family. They are one of several Encourage families who will finalize adoptions this year.

We are so happy that 12 children will now have forever families due to the work we do at Encourage.

This special adoption story began when April Bostick was a young teen. God softened her heart for youth in foster care through a friend at school. Her faith has played a significant role in loving her daughters well throughout the journey from fostering to adoption.

Less than three weeks after being licensed, April received a call about two young girls in need of a safe place to stay. She chose to immediately go and pick up the girls rather than postpone until the next day for a drop-off. April reflects that this was both the happiest time and the saddest time as she entered the halls of the county’s child and family service office.

This post also includes an introduction by Foster Care Assessor Emily Engman, LSW to acknowledge the meaningful time of adoption for kids and parents.


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